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How Do I Get a Job Working for Monster Energy?

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Monster Energy focuses on more than selling beverages. The company uses its products and brand to promote and support a lifestyle centered around music, sports and excitement. To achieve that goal, Monster Energy employs an army of ambassadors to create a vibrant, energetic vibe at live events. If being on the scene isn't your thing, don't worry – you may still have a shot at working for Monster Energy. The company also employs people to work behind the scenes handling administrative tasks, planning events and developing promotional materials.

Know Monster

Get familiar with the company and prepare to show that you fit the image. Monster Energy is looking for people whose lifestyle and appearance represent what the brand stands for. You should appear energetic and outgoing. Display a dynamic personality and be prepared to demonstrate a legitimate interest in action sports. But remember, even though the job is about making life fun, you still need to show you are responsible.

Start Your Search

Go to the Monster Army website and follow the jobs link if you're interested in being a Monster Ambassador. Select the city nearest you and complete the online employment form. You'll need an email address and at least one social media link. You also need to explain why want the job. Consider drafting your statement in advance because you're limited to 75 words. Use employment sites such as Indeed, Monster or Simply Hired to look for additional job opportunities.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Make sure you meet all qualifications and accept all the terms before you apply. You may find positions available for applicants as young as 18, but Monster Energy generally prefers to hire people who are at least 21. Some ambassador positions require having a black Monster truck and having held a driver's license for at least three years. Be aware of where the position is located. Some Monster Energy positions provide the opportunity to work away from home, but you may have to cover the travel expenses.

Show You're the One

Draft a resume and a cover letter tailored for each Monster Energy position you're seeking. Make sure those documents reflect your understanding of the company and highlight the experience and traits that make you an ideal candidate. Two qualities to consider highlighting are strong communication and interpersonal skills, which Monster Energy requires even for administrative and creative positions. Have attractive photos handy because they're required to apply for some positions.


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