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How Do I Become a Pit Boss?

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In a casino, the “pit boss” is the person who oversees the operation of the table games, such as craps, blackjack and roulette. The pit boss is constantly scanning the tables to ensure that players are happy and that games are being run smoothly and fairly. The pit boss tracks the flow of money on the floor, offers comps and can open lines of credit for players. His job requires that he keep an eye out for suspicious players and that he pacify tense situations among players, or between players and dealers. All of these tasks require years of experience at a lower level in the gaming business.

Work as a dealer. Pit bosses are often hired from within the casino and were dealers before being promoted. Dealers are good candidates for the job of pit boss because they will already have experience interacting with players in a gaming setting, and will be prepared to handle the fast pace of the casino floor.

Learn all the games. If you’re a blackjack dealer, you’ll learn everything there is to know about blackjack in short order. However, if you want to become a pit boss, you need to make time outside of your job to learn the nuances of the other games on the floor. After all, the pit boss must know all of the games to be successful in her job. If you can acquire this knowledge now, you’ll be a stronger contender for a pit boss job in the future.

Be constantly on the lookout for job opportunities. The good thing about working as a dealer is that you will be among the first to know of any changes in the casino staff. If a pit boss is leaving the casino you work for, you’ll know right away and can express interest in applying to fill the position. However, don’t limit yourself. Most casinos have online job postings. Check them for pit boss opportunities and apply. Casinos may hire from within a lot of the time, but you’ll still have a chance of being hired by another casino if you provide a gaming resume that is impressive and up-to-date.


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