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How Do I Remain a Certified STNA?

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Some states, like Ohio, use the title "state-tested nurse aide" instead of the more common "certified nurse aide" or "registered nurse aide", though the job duties of those positions are the same. STNAs work under the nursing staff and assist patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, grooming, using the toilet and dressing. They may also record patients' vital signs, provide skin care and assist with other procedures. To remain certified, STNAs must complete all state requirements for the state in which they work. Requirements vary from state to state.

Complete the state-specific work requirements. For example, Ohio requires STNAs to complete eight hours of paid employment in the past 24 months to remain certified, whereas Nevada requires 40.

Complete the state-specific in-service hours or continuing education requirements. For example, Nevada requires every STNA to complete 24 hours in the previous 24 months.

Complete all physical exams and tests, including the periodic Mantoux (TB) skin tests, if required.

Submit your application, supporting documents and payment to the regulatory agency before your certification expires.


Submit your application early enough so that it is received before your expiration date, or you will not be renewed. To become re-certified, you may have to complete a training program, submit a new application and be fingerprinted again.


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