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How to Apply for the WWE

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The WWE is a professional wrestling company that has branched out into several forms of media, including movies and reality television. Applying for a job with the WWE can come under several categories including road positions, corporate positions, positions in their magazine department and being an actual wrestler. Almost every process is the same except becoming an actual pro wrestler, which requires a different process of getting a job. You cannot just be the ultimate wrestling fan to get a job in the WWE, you must have the talents and skills necessary to perform the task at hand.

Apply for WWE Positions

Go to the WWE Corporate website. This website is different from the standard WWE website as it features business and finical information rather than entertainment information.

Find a job title that applies to your skills. Along with WWE knowledge, jobs require specific degrees and experience. The majority of jobs will require a BA in specific areas like business and communications.

Submit a resume that focuses on the job. A big part of getting a WWE job is personal experience, so highlight as much experience as possible within your resume.

Write why you want a job in the WWE and why they should hire you. This step will help you secure an interview and is one of the most important parts of the application process. Focus on your skills within the job title and they can apply well to the WWE Universe.

Keep the interview professional like every other job. Do not start talking about your favorite Wrestlemania or wrestlers. Treat it like any other job interview and only talk about you wrestling passion if they ask you questions about it.

Live in or around the Stamford, Connecticut area. Some jobs may require extensive travel, but the headquarters and main location for business is in Stamford. Job duties may require employees to show up at all hours of the day and a close location will make you more likely to get the job.

Apply to Be a Wrestler

Sign up for a wrestling school. Various wrestling schools are located all over the country and teach all of the essential basics in pro-wrestling.

Volunteer at local wrestling events. Whether you help set-up, be a referee or get to wrestle matches, you will build experience in the business and make contacts with other professional wrestlers.

Build your wrestling persona. The key to getting attention from big companies like the WWE is by standing out and a unique persona will help you. This will also you gain fans and word of mouth through the wrestling community.

Apply for larger wrestling organizations. Florida Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor are two organizations that several up and coming wrestlers participate in. Build your way through the ranks to gain attentions and titles.

Participate in a try-out match for the WWE. A try-out match usually occurs before a live show like WWE Raw or Smackdown. You will face off against a WWE trainer/wrestler and have a chance to show off your skills for a live WWE audience. This is the best way to get a job in the WWE.


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