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How to Get a Job at NBC

NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast as of 2011, is an entertainment company that produces content for television, film, sports and news, and also owns libraries containing thousands of film and television programs. NBCUniversal offers a variety of positions at its television, sports and news divisions, but getting a job requires patience and commitment.

List the kinds of jobs you would like to work at NBCUniversal. This is a wish list and doesn't necessarily mean you have the qualifications for every job, but gives you an overview of your career ambitions.

Visit the NBCUniversal careers website ( Click on "Search for Positions," which allows you to search for positions with all NBCUniversal divisions, including NBC, NBC local media and NBC sports.

Click on the "Create a new account" option to create a login profile. Enter your e-mail address, password and security question. Click on the "Create" box.

Click on "Search openings" to view all current job opportunities. Under the pull-down menu choices, select the NBCUniversal division that you want to research, the career level such as entry-level, intern or experienced, the function of work you want to do and the state where you reside.

Review the search results and make a list of the jobs that match your qualifications and interest. Click on specific listed jobs to obtain details of the position and the requirements for the job. If you meet the qualifications, click on "Apply to job."

Upload your resume or enter it manually and give it a name. Write a cover letter and click "Continue." Enter your personal information such as full name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Click "Next tab." Submit any attachments to the resume and any additional information you feel is necessary and click "Continue." Answer a series of personal questions about your job history, language skills and contact availability, and click "Continue." Answer questions about your gender and ethnicity and click "Submit" to apply for the job.

Review internship opportunities by clicking on "Internships" on the NBCUniversal careers website. Though you won't get paid for these positions, they may provide the necessary skills and experience needed for paid jobs at NBC.


Upload your resume to the NBCUniversal career website even if you don't find a job that matches your skills. Human resources representatives review your resume and if a job becomes available that matches your skills, they may contact you for an interview.

Check the classified ads in film and TV industry periodicals such as "Hollywood Reporter" and "Variety," which may feature job openings at NBC.


Don't pay for any service that guarantees you a job with NBC, as it is usually a money-making scheme.