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How to Get ASE Certification Online

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The Automotive Service Excellence certification is awarded to auto repair technicians who prove, through taking a test, that they have the knowledge, skills and repair abilities that consumers want when choosing a car repair technician. Traditionally, the test is administered on paper, like standardized tests given in school, but the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence has decided that they will be phasing the paper version out in 2012. In the future, the only way to take the ASE certification tests will be by computer in special testing centers across the country. The ASE cannot be taken at home, as the tests must still be proctored.

Register through the ASE website for the next available test. The tests are only offered twice a year, during five weeks each in summer and winter, so be sure to check the registration schedule as soon as you become eligible to test. You can complete your registration online, using their form, or you can download a paper application to mail in.

Pay the applicable fees. The registration fee for testing as of 2011 is $35, and the tests themselves range in price from $30 to $60 per test. These fees can be paid by major credit card if you register online, or by check if you mail in your application.

Drive or use public transportation to get to your assigned test center at the appropriate day and time and take your ASE certification tests. You will need to take a photo id, two Number 2 pencils and the ticket you were sent upon registration, which lists your testing center name and the time and date of your tests. Be sure to make a note of this information so you can get to the test on time.

Take your ASE certification tests at the testing center. You will receive your test scores and have your certification status verified that same day, before you leave.

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