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How to Write a Proposal for an Apartment Cleaning Job

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Cleaning jobs can be lucrative ventures for your company. Yet the market in most areas will be saturated with cleaning companies. Because of that, you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. To do so, you need to create the most effective cleaning proposal possible. You can optimize your proposal by including some key information.

The proposal must include some vital information regardless of the job. Place your company name, address, phone number and Web site prominently at the top of the proposal in the header. Next, place “Cleaning proposal for SAMPLE ADDRESS” at the top of the page.

Delineate your policies. A cleaning proposal should include some information that talks about your company. Talk about the training program at your company. Further, talk about the recruiting process. Include your time keeping procedures. Discuss how you will supervise the job.

Talk about your materials used. Discuss the sorts of supplies you will use for the job. Include whether you will pay for the materials or if the client needs to purchase them for you.

Finalize the proposal. At the end of the proposal you must put the most important component: the bottom line. In reality, the reader of the proposal will likely only look at the final price and the professionalism of the document as a whole when making a determination.


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