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How to Write a Formal Dinner Program

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The formal dinner program is an important part of ensuring that the evening runs smoothly while also telling the guests what to expect at the dinner. The program is given to guests with a complete agenda as well as special notes. When you are writing the dinner program, it is important for you to take your time and refer to the dinner agenda so the guests are aware of appropriate timing.

Select a font. You can use any font, though a fancier font style makes the program look more formal.

Design a cover page for the program. The cover page tells the guests what the formal dinner is for and which group is running it. For example, a school awards ceremony would state that it is the awards ceremony for a specific group. Use a large font size, such as around 24 points or larger depending on your preferred font style, on the cover page and center the information.

Change the font size to a smaller one such as 16. Press “enter” until you get to the next page. Keep the page centered.

Bold and underline the words “Dinner Program” or “Banquet Program” as you prefer to word it. This tells the guests that the following information is the plan for the evening.

Change the font to around size 12 or 14 and remove the bolding and underlining options. Type in information such as the date, time and location under the program information.

Hit "enter" twice and then type in the information about what will take place at the dinner. For example, start with “Welcome and Opening” in bold face followed by the name of the individual opening the evening and his or her position title if appropriate. If the individual does not have a title, just type the full name. Press "enter" twice and write the next part of the program, such as “prayer” and the person leading the prayer. Repeat through the whole evening plan, including the dinner, entertainment and speech information.

Include special thanks or name mentions as appropriate at the end of the program. For example, if the dinner is for awards, type the names of all the individuals who are receiving awards.

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