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Theme Ideas for Conferences

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Conferences are often a dreaded part of work. Employees commonly do not look forward to these days full of meetings and presentations because they can quickly become tedious and tiresome. To add some spice to your conference, select and incorporate a theme. By organizing your conference around a central theme, you increase the likelihood that your workers enjoy the meeting. This increased enjoyment can lead to a rise in the productivity of the event as a whole.

Tropical Island

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Many conference attendees would rather be spending their time lounging on a warm beach. While you likely cannot make that dream a reality, you can do the next best thing by centering your conference around a tropical island theme. Decorate food tables with tropical elements like umbrellas and pineapples and place plastic palm trees around the meeting area. You can even ask participants to pack their favorite Hawaiian shirt and dress the part for the last day.


Life preserver
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The information participants learn at a conference is often helpful. In fact, it can be a real life saver. Convey the importance of this information by centering your meeting around an SOS theme. Place flotation rings in the center of each table. Arm conference staff with shirts that read “Lifeguard” on the back. Use a whistle to get participants' attention throughout the event. At the conclusion of the event, give each attendee a pack of life-savers to thank them for their efforts.


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Turn a boring conference into an exotic jungle exploration by adopting a safari theme. Decorate the area with jungle elements like life-size cheetah cutouts or a toucan perched on the microphone stand. Give each table an animal theme, decorating the table to reflect the selected safari creature. Create posters that display the safari theme and encourage conference goers to join the expedition.

Treasure Hunt

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Engage participants in a treasure hunt exploration at your next conference. Instead of a standard itinerary, create a treasure map, labeling each stop along the map with a topic that you will cover during the conference. Place treasure chest centerpieces at the middle of every table. Give each guest a goody bag full of chocolate gold coins and plastic gems at the conclusion of the conference.

The Future

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The purpose of a conference is generally to prepare for future success. Carry this future-mindedness throughout the conference by adopting a future theme. Decorate the conference space with galactic decorations like blown-up images of stars or constellations. Gather speakers to discuss the future of the company or expected innovations on the horizon. Hold a future-themed dinner, serving modern interpretations of classic dishes.