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How to Renew a Blue Card

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Australia's Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (or CCYPCG) issues blue cards. Under the Commission Act eligible workers who work in child-related professions must possess a blue card. Blue card holders are volunteers, students, paid employees and business operators who interact or supervise children and young people in certain environments. The blue card is valid for three years. The CCYPCG notifies card holders 16 weeks before the blue card expires. If you don’t renew your blue card you may be disqualified from child-related work.

Download a blue card renewal form. The forms are available on the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian website (http://ccypcg.qld.gov.au). There are several forms. Choose the form based on your type of work, such as paid employees, child care, family day care or adult occupations.

Fill out the application. Provide your personal information. Include details regarding your current employer/organization or details about your regulated business.

Submit the completed application to CCYPCG. You can mail the application or submit the application in person. The physical and postal addresses on listed on the application. Make sure you include the application fee with blue card renewal application. As of early 2011, the fee is $70.


Submit your renewal form at least 30 days before it expires.

There is no application fee for volunteer students and volunteers.