How to Prepare for Temp Agency Tests

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Some job seekers choose to apply at temporary agencies, which provide short-term employment opportunities in order to earn income. Similar to applying for a traditional job, applying for a job with a temporary agency involves completing an application, interviewing with a recruiter at the agency and taking skills tests. The tests evaluate certain skills and allow the agency to match the job seeker with the right opportunity.

Learn Which Tests You Will Take

Before you show up at a temporary agency, find out which tests the agency requires. You might guess which tests you'll need to prepare for but it's best to know specifically. The agency likely uses different tests for different career fields. For example, if you're applying for a position as an administrative assistant, you can expect to take a typing test. The agency may also require testing on specific software programs. To be fully prepared, ask the agency which tests it requires. Ask which software versions will be used. For example, several versions of Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks exist but each works slightly differently.

Take Training Courses

If you're unfamiliar with the software or lack skills that will be tested, you could consider taking a training course. Many community colleges offer one-day workshops to learn skills. Various Internet sites also offer free training courses. On-Call Temp Services offers free Microsoft Word and Open Office training courses. Accountemps offers training courses in QuickBooks, Project Management, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and more. Even if you're familiar with the software, you may also benefit from taking a training course to refresh your skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important step in preparing for temp agency tests is practice. Understanding how the program works or how to use your skills may not be enough to do well on the tests. Many tests are timed. Practicing your skills improves your speed and accuracy. You can ask the agency if it offers practice testing. You can set up a stopwatch and time yourself. Or you could use an Internet site, such as On-Call Temp Services, which offers practice tests.

Day of Testing

You need to be mentally and physically prepared on the day of testing. This means taking care of yourself by getting a full night’s sleep the night before. Eat a healthy breakfast so you're not hungry during the test. When you arrive at the agency, turn off your cell phone and take a few minutes to refocus your mind so you can invest your energy on the test.