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How to Fill Out a Subway Application

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In 1965, Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck opened their first submarine sandwich shop, which became what is known today as Subway. Subway has more than 34,000 locations around the world and is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain, as of April 2011. With so many Subway stores, employment opportunities are often available. Applying for a job at Subway involves obtaining an employment application, filling it out and submitting it to a local store or online. The Subway application, which requires you to provide basic personal information, is easy to fill out.


Obtain an application from a local Subway sandwich shop. Start at the top of the application by filling in the "Personal Information" section. Write in your name, address, Social Security number and telephone number. Answer the questions by checking the corresponding boxes. Complete the section requesting information for an emergency contact. Subway requires employees to be at least 16 years of age.

Go to the "Availability" section and check the designated boxes to answer the corresponding questions. Write in your hours of availability for the week, the total number of hours you can work per week and the date that you can start work, if hired.

Locate the "School Most Recently Attended" section and fill in the name, address and location of the school as well as your teacher or counselor's name, last grade completed, grade average and any sports activities. Check the box indicating your enrollment and graduation status.

Fill out the "Most Recent Employment" section with information regarding your previous employers, if applicable. Include the dates you worked, contact information for your former supervisor, your position, wage and reason for leaving. Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you want to give permission to contact your former employer.

Complete the "References" section by providing information on professional references, not family members. Previous employers, co-workers, teachers and other business associates make good employment references.

Turn the application over and complete the "Employment Test" on the back. The test has two parts and consists of basic math problems, word problems and customer service questions. Read the statement at the bottom of the application regarding handling food equipment and check one of the boxes provided. Proceed to the bottom of the application and verify that all statements and information are correct by signing and dating the application before turning it in at a local store.

Wait for a response for an interview or a request for additional information.


Visit the My Subway Careers website (see References) and click "Apply Today." Enter your Zip code, address, city or state and click "Search" to find the location where you want to work.

Select a location from the list provided and click "Apply" at the bottom of the page.

Complete the required fields with your personal information and submit the application.

Wait for a response by email or a phone call with further instructions regarding the application process.


Read the "Job Descriptions" before applying to determine what positions you want to apply for.

  • Read the "Job Descriptions" before applying to determine what positions you want to apply for.

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