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Most Common Canadian Jobs

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The National Household Survey, most recently completed in 2011, provides a comprehensive snapshot of Canada's workforce. The retail trade, health and social assistance and manufacturing sectors combined to account for almost one-third of total employment. The survey revealed a significant difference between men and women in the list of most frequently occurring jobs.

Most Common Jobs by Gender

Retail salesperson was the most common job for both men and women, according to the survey. For men, transport truck drivers, retail and wholesale managers, carpenters and janitors/caretakers/building supervisors rounded out the top five. For women, the top five was rounded out by administrative assistants, registered nurses, cashiers and elementary school/kindergarten teachers. Only four jobs appeared in the top 20 list for both men and women: retail salespersons, retail and wholesale managers, food counter attendants/kitchen helpers and financial auditors/accountants.

Most Common Jobs Overall

The most common jobs overall in Canada were retail salespersons, retail and wholesale managers, administrative assistants, food counter attendants/kitchen helpers, and cashiers. Rounding out the top 10 were registered nurses, elementary school and kindergarten teachers, transport truck drivers, administrative officers and general office support workers.


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