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How to Write a Letter of Introduction for Referrals

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A strong referral succinctly and enthusiastically describes a person's qualifications. The introduction letter is important in summarizing the person's achievements and skills while enticing the reader with unique points. The writer should keep in mind the employer will likely receive numerous referrals. Grabbing the employer's attention in the letter will help the subject stand out from others. However, the writer should avoid flowery, unsubstantiated praise. The letter should refer to specific skills and achievements listed in the subject's resume or application.

Start with a formal heading that lists your name and address at the top of the page. Then write the date a space or two below that. Third, include the name and address of the person to whom the letter is being addressed (if available).

Write an introduction paragraph explaining how long you've known the person, the company or area of work and the capacity of your professional relationship (direct supervisor, co-worker, etc). List two or three one-word traits highlighted in the letter.

Describe the person's main tasks or projects in the body paragraph. The reader should understand the nature of the subject's work. List any major achievements resulting from these tasks.

Relate any achievements you witnessed to the new job or program. A receptionist, for example, might translate administrative and interpersonal skills to a law clerk job. Gather information on the company and the position.

Conclude with a general statement summarizing the person's skills and achievements. Directly state why the person is qualified for the position. Offer to answer any further questions the reader may have. Provide your contact information.


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