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How to Put "To Handle in Confidentiality" With a Resume

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Résumés can be considered sensitive documents since they contain personal information including your full name, telephone number, current workplace and home address. For this reason, you'll want to make sure that your résumé is secure. As you submit it in the process of searching for a job, request that it be handled with confidentiality by hiring managers and recruiters. Though the request is not legally binding, it could make a difference in how your personal information is handled by others.

Open or type your résumé using a computer's word processing software. Format the résumé according to your needs.

Scroll to the footer of the résumé. You might already have information in this section such as "References available upon request."

Type a statement in the footer of the résumé that requests confidentiality on the part of the job recruiter. It should be similar to the statement, "Please respect the confidentiality of this document and inquiry by keeping personal information secure."

Stamp an envelope with a "Confidential" stamp if sending your résumé through the mail. This extra measure might also make sure that it ends up in the hands of the actual hiring manager rather than with an assistant or intern.


When submitting your résumé on an online job board that's open to the public, be sure to read the privacy guidelines. Your résumé may be open for anyone to review.


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