The Best Way to Organize Business Cards

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When it comes time to organize the stack of business cards in your desk drawer that are being held together by a rubber band, organize efficiently. Follow a simple system that is easy to maintain. If you are in the marketing field, you probably have dozens upon dozens of cards, and you will perform best if you are able to quickly find who you are looking for. Get rid of the cards you know you will not need in the future, then spend some time finding the system that works for you.

Sort all of your contacts by industry. Sit on the floor and make a pile for each industry represented in your stack of cards. For example, make one pile for the medical field, another for the entertainment industry and another for your personal contacts. Make as many divisions as you want. This will keep you from having to look through your entire business card collection if you don’t remember the name of the person for whom you are looking.

Divide your piles further by organizing the previous divisions by the company or organization's name. For example, if you have dozens of cards from Wells Fargo and dozens more from First United Bank, place them in two separate piles. Continue on this way with each company. This is very useful if you do not remember the name of the person you are looking for, but you do remember the company.

Once your business cards are organized into distinct sections, arrange your contacts alphabetically by their last name. Place them side by side until you have five or six in a row, then make a new row. This is done simply to have a system of organization. Arrange the companies alphabetically as well. When you are looking for a specific contact, you will save time if you only have to skim through the first letters of the last name once you locate the right section. For example, if you are looking for John Doe, customer relations specialist at Macy’s, you will first locate your retail division, then locate your division for Macy’s contacts, then search alphabetically for Doe, John.

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Place all of your cards in a business card holder. These look like photo albums. There is a separate slot for each card. You can also purchase a plastic file box for your cards. Another choice that is highly efficient is to scan all of your cards (according to the way you sorted them) and save them in a Word document. You can also type all of the information into an Excel sheet. A smart idea would be to have the information from your business cards stored on your computer, but keep the original cards in case your computer crashes. The information will be much easier to find on your computer but it would disappointing to lose all the original information.