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How to Refill Self-Inking Stamps

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Similar to the traditional wooden rubber stamp, the self-inking stamp utilizes a rubber stamp pad. But instead of an interchangeable ink pad, the self-inking stamp houses an ink pad that is integrated in the stamp. This feature increases the lifespan of your ink because it actually has a compartment, called the ink well, where the ink is held, instead of simply soaking into a material. It also allows the stamp to be used for a lifetime. After the ink is gone or dries out, instead of throwing the pad away, you simply refill the stamp.

Lay several pieces of newspaper out on a flat surface. This will help prevent ink from damaging or staining your tables or other surfaces.

Press the stamp down onto the newspaper. The stamp cover should be on. Use your other hand and squeeze the indents on each side of the stamp with your thumb and index finger.

Pull out the ink well. It's usually covered by the manufacturer's logo. When you hear a click, stop pulling.

Fill the stamp with 10 to 15 drops of ink. Push the the ink well back in and wait 15 minutes.

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