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How to Address a Memo to Multiple People

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Memo, short for memorandum, is a standard business document used to communicate information, explore solutions to problems and to ignite action from individuals within an organization. Although memos are considered to be less formal in tone than letters, professional writing standards and proper formatting requirements should be applied. There are simple steps that you can take to compose a memo addressed to multiple people.

Identify your audience. Assess the purpose of your memo and the main points you wish to communicate. Figure out the people in your organization who need to receive this information.

Create a heading for your memo. The heading is featured at the top of the page and provides basic information about the memo. The receiver(s), sender, date and subject are the four categories provided within the header, for example: To: Mary Jones and Barry Butler; From: Darryl Green; March 24, 2011; Subject: Annual Holiday Party Rules.

Insert the names of your recipients into the “To” category on your memo, using a comma between each name.

Complete your memo by writing your subject matter in the body of your document, which is below the heading.


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