How to Prepare for Associate Supervisor Exam

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides the Associate Supervisor Program (ASP) to teach effective leadership skills to those interested in supervisor positions with the postal service. The program spans 16 weeks and relies on classroom instruction and hands-on experience to teach lessons in administration, operations and technical aspects of USPS. It combines classroom teaching and hands-on experience, both of which aid in preparation for the exams needed to pass through the program. According to the Letter Network Carrier site, there are five Associate Supervisor exams that ASP participants must pass to continue in the program.

Brush up on your knowledge of all areas of postal operations. Make sure you are familiar with general aspects of USPS services, products, operations procedures and general policies for the first two exams, which cover much of this general USPS knowledge taught in a classroom setting. All ASP participants take this same exam.

Take copious notes in class and study them fervently. Much of the information on the first two exams are taken directly from what is taught in class. If you have good notes from your class instruction, then you should be able to utilize them to prepare yourself for each exam.

Peruse your workbook. Each student is given a workbook upon entering the Associate Supervisor Program. You will use it to learn policies and procedures as well as important lessons in how the USPS operates. Use it to study for your various exams, focusing on the chapters that are covered in each individual exam.

Determine your functional training requirement. The last three exams will be related to whatever that assignment is; for example, if you are doing on-site functional training for customer service, then that is going to be the focus of your last three exams. These exams are student-specific, which means everyone doesn't take the same exam for the last three tests.