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How to Make a Letter of Request

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A letter of request needs to be written when you are seeking information or assistance from another person. For example, you may need to obtain information about a particular company other than what is given on their website, or you may need to ask a former employer to provide a reference for you. Request letters should be treated as business letters rather than the less formal friendly letter.

Write the date at the top of the page. The date should be written out in month, day and year format. For example, March 20, 2011.

Skip one line and write the name and address of the person who will be receiving the letter. This should take up three lines, with the name on the first line, the street name and number on the second, and the receiver’s city, town and zip code on the third line.

Skip one line and write your greeting, such as Dear Mr. Jones.

Skip one line again and write your first paragraph. A line should be skipped between each subsequent paragraph. In this paragraph you will want to introduce or reintroduce yourself; tell the receiver who you are and how they know you, if applicable. Also write your current job position or year in school, depending on the circumstance. For example: “My name is John Green and I work as a analyst at the financial firm Smith & Smith.”

Compose the second paragraph, which should consist of asking for your particular request. Include any additional information that the receiver may need to know regarding your request.

Complete the letter with the third paragraph, which thanks the receiver while also details the time frame in which the request should be met, or when you will call to follow up on your request.

Skip one line after your last paragraph and close the letter with an appreciative tone, such as “Sincerely” or “Thank you.”

Type your name two lines after the closing. Skip one line and then type your mailing address.