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How to Make Money at Home With a Computer Legitimately

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It is now possible for you to bypass traditional concepts of work and earn a comfortable living at home with the use of your computer. One reason why many people do not choose this route is because many ideas for working from home involve schemes to get rich quickly, which rarely ever succeed and are sometimes fraudulent and illegal. However, there are many legitimate ways to make money and reduce your daily commute to little more than sitting down in front of your home computer.

Make and sell art online. If you are creative and have artistic talent, consider designing pictures or logos for shirts, cups and greeting cards at sites that allow you to set up your own online shop for custom-designed products. In a matter of minutes, with the proper promotion skills, you could have a customized T-shirt online making money for you.

Write articles for content sites or blogs. You can make money as a freelance writer for websites that distribute user-made content or which rely on blogs to review and sell certain products. This can help you sharpen your writing skills and enable you to acquire private clients for even more profitable jobs. You can also write for product review sites or start your own product review blog and sign up with an ad company that will sponsor your blog with banner ads. Look up “write for pay” in your favorite search engine. Content sites and paid blogging services will typically ask you for a sample of your work and a resume as part of the application process.

Become a website designer. If you're good with making web pages and selling your skills to people and businesses, this can also be a good career path. Web pages often need to be updated--sometimes frequently--which means return business and more profits for you. Create your own website to serve as an advertisement for your abilities and your business. You could start with marketing your services to local store owners whom you can talk with face to face and build a portfolio you can show to other potential clients.

Write stories for publishers. Book publishers are plentiful, with new and established entities constantly on the lookout for fresh story ideas from new authors. If you have a knack for storytelling, try sending out stories and manuscripts to these companies. You can outsource to a service such as Lulu that will receive your documents and produce hardcover and softcover books for you; or you can open up your own online store and sell your stories as e-books.

Sell goods online. Buy or pick up books or equipment at yard sales and sell them online to the highest bidder at auction websites like Ebay or eBid. You can also buy and sell goods through online classified sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.

Write computer programs. If you're a programmer, you can write new software to satisfy an unfulfilled need in the marketplace and sell it as shareware. Look into online venues such as Freelancer or Guru, where customers request and offer payment for custom-made computer programs and software solutions.


If a job opportunity requires you to pay money up front, it is probably a scam.