drill image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.com

DIY Bottle Capper

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If you have many bottles that need to be capped, a bottle capper would be great for you. A capper helps to relieve the pain caused by the constant recurring motion of screwing on caps. A capper also helps to speed up the process of screwing on a number of bottle caps. The down side to a bottle capper is the price. An electric capper can cost you $1500. Save money by building a capper yourself.

Attach the socket drill bit to the drill. Be sure to use a socket that is slightly larger than the cap. You want enough room left in the socket so that it could fit twice the width of the rubber washer.

Insert the rubber washer into the socket. Use an over-sized rubber washer.When fully pushed into the socket you want the pressure to fold the washer into a horseshoe shape. Having the washer in this shape allows the rubber to grab both the sides and the top on the cap when twisting.

Place the bottle cap onto the threads of the bottle. Lower the socket onto the cap. Drill the bottle cap onto the threads of the bottle. Be sure not to over tighten the cap.