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How to Practice a Typing Speed Test

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Typing is a a natural talent for some, while others spend much of their time practicing to increase their skill level. Typing is also a skill which is essential for most jobs and educational settings. Many websites are available that allow you to practice repeatedly for free. This practice will help prepare you for an upcoming test. Practicing online also prepares you for the modern workplace, where you'll likely use the Internet and do your typing on a computer keyboard.

Search the Internet for a free speed-typing test. There will be many results to choose from, and each will offer a timed speed test. The website you choose will offer you a paragraph or two and will time your speed and measure your accuracy.

Read all the instructions prior to starting your speed test. If something is not completed as specified, this will directly affect your score.

Begin typing. Type the given material. Do not check for errors as your go. The test will do this for you.

Once the test has ended, you will be prompted to examine your results. Your results will reflect the speed at which you actually typed, along with your accuracy rate.


If you don't have Internet at home, get access at a public library or community center. It is best to test yourself more than once to be sure that you are consistent in your speed and accuracy. There are also typing games available on the Internet to help you practice speed and accuracy.