How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Getting a Raise

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Writing a persuasive essay to get a raise requires not only being able to compellingly and accurately present the qualities that distinguish you from your coworkers, but also knowing the right format in which to structure the essay. Brevity is always the best strategy; the essay should not extend beyond a page or two. The format should be clean and organized; each paragraph should be of roughly the same duration. A review of your work history, accompanied by your goals for the company’s future, should be included within the body of the essay.

Choose your skill, accomplishment or project that warrants a raise. Describe the nature of this accomplishment without embellishment, but describe it thoroughly. Delete any unnecessary adjectives or adverbs from the description in order to avoid writing ‘purple prose.’ Open the essay with this description.

Assemble a brief work history, stating how you have helped the company, how long you have worked there and any notable events that have transpired during your employment. Position this history in the middle of your essay.

State in detail your intentions for the company’s future and how your actions will benefit the company. Close the essay with this section.

Assemble the draft of the essay at least a week before you plan to submit it. Allow a few days to pass between readings. Re-read the essay; check to make sure it is compelling and interesting. Re-work and rewrite the essay until it flows smoothly.


"Purple prose" is usually cumbersome to read. What one person thinks is a poetic gem very often turns out to be a badly worded waste of time. Focus on conveying concepts in as compact a fashion as possible.