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How to Check on an Application Status

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The ability to check the status of an application after you submit it for consideration can help you plan your next step. Checking on a rental application status may let you know whether and when you'll be moving into a new home. The status of a grant application can help you plan your finances accordingly. Learning the status of a university or job application lets you plan the next steps toward your goal.

Locate the contact information of the establishment where you sent in your application. This information should be in your files. If not, consult a business directory or search the Internet.

Call the company and ask for the person you need to speak to. If it is a job application, the name of the hiring manager or the coordinating human resource office may be in the original job advertisement. If not, call the human resource department who may be able to direct you to the hiring manager. When you reach the person, politely introduce yourself. For example, “My name is Joe and I submitted an application on June 5 for a job with your company. I was calling to find out the status of my application."

Write down the information that is given to you. If the application is in a pending or waiting status, ask when the next appropriate date would be for further follow up. If your application did not receive approval, it's acceptable to ask why.

Note the answer that they give you for not considering your application. Use it as a learning experience on your next application. For example, if a hiring manager informs you that your application was not approved because you did not fill out a section of the application form, then next time ensure that you fill out all the sections even if you have to write “N/A” for “not applicable.”


Don't be nervous about checking the status of a job application unless the potential employer has specifically informed you that they will contact you only if you are needed further. According to Dave Willmer, executive director of recruitment firm Robert Half Technology, 82 percent of executives believe that applicants should contact the hiring manager within two weeks of submitting a job application.

It can be frustrating to submit several applications and repeatedly hear “not approved.” However, do not get discouraged when trying to reach your goal.