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Instructions for Loading Staples in a Stapler

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Although you could just as easily attach a stack of papers together using a paper clip or binder rings, stapling is perhaps the most permanent means of making sure your documents stay in their intended order. If your try to staple a set of documents but find that your stapler isn't working, chances are it's run out of staples. Loading new staples into your stapler is a simple, straightforward process that takes only a few moments to complete.

Remove a box of staples that corresponds with your stapler from your office's supply room or, if it's for your personal stapler, buy them from your local office-supply store. Unless the bottom of your stapler is marked as such, it uses standard-sized staples and you may purchase any brand.

Open the stapler's staple tray. Place the thumb and index finger of one hand on the shiny, metal part of the stapler and use your other hand to pull up on the plastic or metal pieces above it. Retract the top piece fully until it lays horizontal.

Place the new staples inside. Line up the row of staples with the tray so that each edge slips directly into the crevice on either side of the staple tray. Break a given row of staples by bending it horizontally if it doesn't look like it will fit.