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How to Get Your Food Handler's Card Online

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To work in an establishment that serves or prepares food, many states require that employees complete a Food Handler's Certification course. This course teaches about proper food preparation and storing and how to work safely in a kitchen or restaurant. Getting a Food Handler's Card shows that you understand the workings of a kitchen and restaurant and that you passed a test to prove it. Getting your Food Handler's Card online is easy.

Find a website that will give you both the study guide for the test, and allow you to take the test online. An all encompassing site for all states is also hosts Food Handler's classes for some states. Some individual states, although primarily Oregon, also offer online courses on other websites. For example, if you need a Food Handler's Card in Oregon you can go to, and if you need a card for California or Texas, you can go to the Food Safety Institute of America's website.

Click on your state on the website and you will be taken to a blue landing page for your state. Click on the tab at the top left that says "Register."

Click on "Study Guide" once you are registered and study for the test. Review the material for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Click on "Take Test" and answer the questions by clicking the circle next to the correct answer. You must get at least a 75 percent correct in most states to pass the test.

Pass the test and pay the fee (usually $10 as of 2011) by clicking "Pay Fee" and type in your credit or debit card information.

Click on "Print Certificate" after you have paid and it will print on your printer. The Food Handler's card will be included and you will need to cut it out and put it in your wallet to show to your employer.



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