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How to Get an Agricultural License in Florida

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Agriculture is an important part of Florida's economy. The Sunshine State's climate is ideal for growing fresh fruits and vegetables the whole year. Anyone who handles agricultural items in Florida must have an agricultural license and bond, otherwise known as an agricultural dealer's license. Depending on the specific agricultural item, there are further licenses, such as pesticide application licenses, that are necessary.

Determine what licenses are necessary for the specific agricultural item you'll be working with. Licenses might include a tomato packing/repacking license or pesticide application license. Anyone handling agricultural foods needs the agricultural dealer’s license.

Print out two DACS-06302 forms. One is for the license, the other is for your personal records. The form is available through the Florida Department of Agriculture website. Fill out the form according to the directions on the form. It will need information like a name, a business name and items handled or grown. If other licenses are necessary, fill those out at the same time.

Make a check or money order payable to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The amount differs depending on the bond amount and ranges between $170 and $300. Businesses with more than one location in Florida must pay an additional $100 per business location. Other licenses will vary in price, depending on the license.

Send the application form and the fee to the Florida Department of Agriculture. You'll find a link to the department's site in this article's Resources section). Send through certified mail to ensure the form is received. Call 850-488-4101 after a few days and ask whether the license was received and accepted.