How to Learn Tech Support

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As technology in the workplace, classroom and everyday life becomes more prevalent, so too does the necessity for competent, knowledgeable individuals to help users manage computers and other devices. Mastering tech support, however, is not as simple as being good with your own personal computer. In order to help others with technical difficulties they might be having, you'll need to develop and nurture a deep understanding of the way a computer works and is built.

Enroll in technical support classes at your university or, if you're not enrolled at a university, at your local community college. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to determine the level at which you need to enter, keeping in mind your existing skill set and competencies.

Pursue an entry-level technical support position with a company in your area. Given the nature of this type of position, the employer will only require scant experience with technical support and will provide on-the-job training to ensure you become skilled enough to help customers. Peruse your local classifieds and online job ads for listings.

Start an internship or apprenticeship program in the technical support field if you're a student and lack the time to pursue full-time employment, but also prefer to learn on the job rather than in the classroom. Although these types of positions might not pay much (or at all), they can lead to full-time job offers after graduation, saving you the strenuous job search.