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How to Get Quick Teaching Certification

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Getting a teaching certification traditionally requires education majors to complete a teaching program and take a certification exam. However, due to teacher shortages in critical subject areas, high turnovers and a lack of highly qualified teachers, alternative teaching certification programs have become quite popular. Many non-education majors have an interest and teaching and the ability to fill the void that exists in many schools. Alternative programs give individuals the opportunity to get a teaching certification quickly and start a new chapter in their lives as an educator.

Obtain a provisional teaching license. Most states will grant you a provisional teaching license based on the coursework you completed while in college. Sometimes called a temporary educator’s certificate, this document will allow you to start teaching right away while you take education courses over the weekend, in the evenings or online. You will receive your temporary license within one month and have three years to obtain your professional teaching certification. Each state has different requirements for this program. Contact the department of education in your state to find out how to start the process of obtaining your temporary certification.

Complete the Fast Train program. The U.S. Government’s Fast Train program is for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree, want to become teachers and are open to teaching worldwide. Candidates are required to take six courses within one year. These courses will prepare you for the National Teacher Examination. Once you pass the exam, you will obtain your certification and can teach in various countries around the world. You are required to obtain a master’s degree in education while teaching; the Fast Train program will pay the tuition toward this degree.

Sign up with the Alternative Licensing program in your state. Most states have this program, which is funded by the National Center for Alternative Education. Each state has different requirements. Some states require 24 credit hours of educational training, while other states require a bachelor’s degree. If you meet the program qualifications, take your teaching certification exam right away and obtain a temporary certificate. One you pass the exam, you can teach while supervised by a professionally certified teacher. After completing two years of supervised teaching, apply for your professional teaching certificate.


Thoroughly investigate all teaching certification programs in your state before deciding which is best for you.