How to Use Auto Scrubber

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Auto scrubbers, otherwise called automatic scrubbers, are cleaning tools used for scrubbing floors without the hassle of scrubbing the floors with a mop or similar cleaning object. Cleaning is efficient and effective with the use of a scrubber. Typically, auto scrubbers are used in large buildings, like schools. There are two types of auto scrubbers available: battery operated and scrubbers that plug into the wall. Scrubbers are designed for hard floors and are not designed for flooring that has soft materials which might be damaged.

Fill soap and water into the scrubber. The exact methods and amounts will differ based on the machine, the machine size and the type of floor. Each floor type requires different cleaning solutions and amounts of solution to water. Information about the amount for each floor is usually in the instruction manual.

Turn the key clockwise. If the scrubber does not have a key, flip the switch instead. Larger auto scrubbers will usually have a key. Smaller auto scrubbers will vary for each brand. The key will turn it on. If the scrubber plugs in rather than runs on batteries, plug it in and then turn the key or flip the "On" switch.

Pull the lower lever down or press the handle down to lower the scrubber to the floor. Lower the squeegee, if the machine has one, by pulling the squeegee lever downward.

Release the parking lever if necessary. Some auto scrubbers are driven, while others are pushed. The parking lever is used to keep the machine from moving before it is ready. Some of the smaller auto scrubbers do not have the parking lever.

Move the scrubber forward. Some scrubbers will require a gentle push forward, while others are driven forward with a handle. If driven forward, turn the handle forward and the machine will move forward at a fixed speed. Control the machine's direction by walking behind it and guiding with the handles.

Brake the machine to stop it. The brake is the same lever as the initial parking lever. Empty the dirty water and any excess water.


Some auto scrubbers will stop using vacuum functions when full. This means it is time to change the water.


Never leave the scrubber in one place while running. It can damage the floor.

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