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How to Get Google Certified

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You can prove you're computer savvy in all things Google through Google's certification programs.

Most certification programs have several levels. Most are free; others involve modest exam fees. Google for Education and Google Analytics are certifications for software suites. Less extensive certifications are awarded for more specialized Google programs, such as AdWords, Google Apps (website management) and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Getting Started

After you choose your program area, you can usually start taking courses, but you'll need a Google testing account to take an exam. Some certifications require an exam that you must retake periodically to stay current on your certificate.

In early 2015, Google repackaged its software products into Google for Work and Google for Education. You can become a Google Partner s a company or as an education professional and be included on a referral list of Google Partners or Trainers so that potential customers can find you.

Partner-level certification in Google for Work requires proving that your company has expertise in a specific area of Google software. For Google Analytics partnership, your company has to submit client case studies -- and more: One successful applicant describes a 90-minute telephone interview.

Google for Work


Google Analytics is software for working with website visitor data. You can get an individual certification by taking several free online courses and, as of this writing, a free exam. Certification lasts 18 months. There are partner-level certifications for Analytics and Analytics Technology.

DoubleClick for Publishers

"Publisher University" is the training site for DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Advertiser and Adsense. You have to be working with a program to get access to the part of Publisher University devoted to it. DFP certification requires two exams and four classes, all free of charge. The courses with exams are Fundamentals for Traffickers and Administrators; the others are Fundamentals for Sales Management and Audience Fundamentals. As of this writing, there is a DoubleClick Advertiser Fundamentals certification as well.


AdWords is Google's program for matching ads to web pages with specific keywords. For an individual certification, you take two exams, the second from a choice of four specialties. You have to retake both exams every 12 months to stay current. As of this writing, your advertising agency can be an Ad Words Partner if it employs even one individual certificate holder, and there's Premier Partner level too.


Google Apps certifications are for information technology specialists. The Deployment Specialist certification covers migrations and transitions between Google and non-Google programs, such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Google recommends at least three years of IT experience before you start the certification program.

The Administrator certification is for Google domain managers, who handle domains unique to a company or organization. Google recommends at least six months' experience managing a Google domain with 50 or more users before starting the certification program.

Google for Education

Google for Education is a suite of classroom management software for teachers. Certification has three levels. Educator shows that you know the software. Trainer -- sometimes called Educator or Partner -- qualifies you for an Education Partner referral listing. To get the Teacher certification, you must travel to a two-day "Google Teacher Academy."

The five end-of-class exams for Educator certification cost $15 each at the time of publication. The course covers Gmail, Google Calendar, Google [Web]Sites and several teaching programs that together are called "Docs and Drive." They include Docs, for word processing; Sheets, for spreadsheets; Forms, Drawings and Slides; and a document manager suite.