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What Are the Duties of a Computer Instructor?

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A computer instructor position offers many opportunities to work with learners of diverse skill levels. Through instruction in computer systems and computer applications, students become independent users of technology. An excellent computer instructor tailors instructional strategies and learning activities to learner needs in each class.


A computer instructor must plan the course content and sequence of instruction for computer learners. This process includes finding the right combination of computer software, computer hardware, hands-on instructional materials, concepts and learning activities. The sequence of instruction must help students move from what they already know to what they will learn as a result of instruction and participation in a course.

Another aspect of planning involves setting up the classroom for student learning prior to the lesson. An instructor also plans one or more ways to assess what students learn. If learners are taught according to an instructor's careful plans, they will be more likely to demonstrate their new learning at the end.

Tailored Instruction

A computer instructor working in the business sector may have the job duty of tailoring instructional methods to the needs of an individual user. In this type of work, the instructor identifies what type of software the client needs to learn, what prior skills and knowledge the client has and what computer setup will be required to provide instruction. The instructor customizes the learning session to help the client achieve proficiency in using software. Like other types of instruction, custom software instruction may require researching current computer technology subject matter and technology instructional practices.

Curriculum Development

A computer teacher may prepare educational materials for use in classrooms at the request of the employer, clients or students. These educational materials may include any type of computer file, such as a spreadsheet, word-processing document, database, PowerPoint presentation, web page, software program or video. Print materials might include brochures, curriculum guides, workbooks, textbooks and informational articles. Generally, performing curriculum development requires a bachelor's degree or higher in a technology-related field, such as computer science, computer information systems, computer programming, management information systems or educational technology.

Lab Management

A computer instructor may be responsible for the computers in a computing lab. In a technical capacity, an instructor may be responsible for performing maintenance on computer equipment. Examples of maintenance duties are installing, updating, customizing and removing software, protecting network security and performing repairs to machines. Student users may require assistance with technical issues.

If an instructor is also a lab manager, he may be responsible for administrative duties such as supervising support staff, maintaining inventory, ordering hardware and software and budgeting for a computer lab.


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