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How to Be a Cleaning Lady

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Running any business is not an easy task, but the hardest part is the start up, and then surviving the first year. Starting a cleaning business involves only a few steps to make sure that you are successful in the business. Once you have started the business and become a cleaning lady it’s up to you to keep your clients happy and your business afloat.

Design a business plan. Include the number of hours that you want to work, as well as the number of houses you wish to take on. Also include how much time you plan to allot to each house.

Get insurance for your cleaning business. No matter how careful you are, you will still need to make sure you are protected in case of any damage or loss.

Call up various maid services in your area to find out what they charge for the type of job you are interested in. This will give you a good idea of what you will earn.

Get all the required supplies. Cleaning ladies generally provide their own equipment. You'll need a vacuum, broom, mop and rags, as well as cleaning products.

Advertise your services. Put up signs and business cards on community or public bulletin boards to let people know about your new business. You can also make announcements at churches or organizations that you are a part of.

Draw up a contract with each client. This is necessary to make sure that you both agree on the liabilities, job description and the expectations about the work you'll perform.