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Duties of a Bridal Shop Saleswoman

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The U.S. bridal industry is a $51 billion industry that encompasses all the businesses that are employed to create the modern American wedding. Bridal shops specialize in the sale of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, reception dresses, mother-of-bride dresses, wedding shoes and accessories. Bridal shop saleswomen help customers select the perfect wardrobe for their big day.

Waiting on Customers

As a bridal shop salesperson, you will be busy helping customers with day-to-day concerns. The heart of the salesperson role is customer service. This involves greeting customers as they arrive, entering customer data into a computer system and processing payments. You will also be helping to coordinate pickup of made-to-order merchandise. Because many brides-to-be come seeking royal treatment, you will need good problem-solving skills and should be willing to go above and beyond for customers.

Bridal Party Consultant

Perhaps the central task you will be performing as a bridal shop saleswoman is helping women find their perfect wedding gown and accessories. You may be asked to take measurements for not only the bride, but the entire bridal party. Based on the measurements, you will suggest gowns in stock as well as made-to-order options. You will place special orders and coordinate any alterations that need to be made. Your knowledge of fashion and fit will help you suggest shoes and other accessories for the bridal party. Once you've helped place your customers' orders, you will coordinate a pickup time for the items.

Reception and Administration

When your store is not filled with women trying to find the perfect dress, you will likely fulfill a number of clerical and administrative duties -- answering telephones, managing a calendar and covering the front desk. You may engage in events planning, mail sorting and opening or closing the store. In addition, you may be asked to conduct phone outreach to current clients to remind them of appointments and consultations, or to follow up on leads for prospective clients.

Field Trips

In addition to the work you will be doing in the store, many bridal shops and boutiques send representatives to regional events to win over more prospective customers. Events could include bridal shows, where big names in the bridal industry go to showcase their wares. As a salesperson, you may be asked to staff these events and to represent your company.


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