How to Find Truck Drivers

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A good truck driver is an important asset for your company. Truck drivers carry valuable products, and are in charge of the truck and responsible for its safe operation. An accident that harms people, products or vehicles can create a big liability for your company. With a dependable truck driver, you can reduce those concerns and focus more on growing your company. There are several ways to find truck drivers, depending on what type of driver you need.

Place an advertisement in the local newspaper. This option works best for local trucking and small delivery jobs. Outline specific details and requirements for the position to help ward off unqualified applicants. Specify the type of driving and the number of hours the job involves, and any driver requirements, such as special licenses. Omit any monetary reimbursement or wage information. A truly professional truck driver will have a good idea how much the job should pay, and there is no point in attracting other applicants.

Create an ad to place on the Internet. There are several websites that have online classified ad sections that are specifically for truck drivers. This is a good option for any kind of truck driver job opening, as most websites offer different classified sections for national long-haul jobs, local jobs and small-time delivery jobs. More people, including long-haul truck drivers, are looking online as well as in newspapers to find jobs.

Contact a local commercial driver's license or truck driving school. A commercial driver's license, or CDL, is required for all professional truck drivers. Most CDL and truck driving schools offer job placement assistance to students who have recently graduated. Letting the school know you are hiring and have job openings for new recruits may help you find a good truck driver who also needs help finding a job. Newly graduated truck drivers may be willing to explore all possible career avenues, increasing your chances of finding a driver for local, national or small deliveries.

Use word of mouth. Pass the word on to friends and family members that you are hiring for truck drivers. Ask business partners and other companies for recommendations. Having someone you know and trust recommend a good truck driver may make the hiring process easier. This works best for local and small-delivery truck drivers.