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How to Get a Typing Certificate in San Diego

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If you want to work for the city of San Diego in a job requiring typing skills, you will first need to obtain a typing certificate. The city has specific requirements as to where a typing certificate can be obtained as well as the minimum typing skills necessary. You should review the typing certificate requirements to determine if you are already prepared to take the exam or should enroll in a typing class first to increase your skills.

San Diego Typing Certificate Information

San Diego requires applicants for city jobs to obtain their typing certificates from an accredited educational institution, public agency or professional business; typing certificates obtained from the Internet are not accepted. Check the City of San Diego website, under the Human Resources section, to find a list of locations to obtain a typing certificate. Call the location of your choice from the approved list and register to take a typing test as well as pay the registration fee, if applicable. Most locations will allow you to take the typing test up to three times before having to pay the registration fee again. You will receive a typing certificate if you pass the test by typing at least 30 words per minute with no more than five errors.