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How to Make a Resume to Work in an Airport

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Creating a resume for employment at an airport can be daunting. Post-9/11 security measures have made applications and background checks more intense, and it can be challenging to pinpoint what work experience is applicable to a resume for this type of position. Experience in customer service and working in high pressure environments is generally preferred because of the nature of airport employment.

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Decide what type of work you want to do at an airport. Potential positions include baggage claim, food service, security screening and ground support. With so many available opportunities, fine tune your resume to reflect your desire for a specific job.

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Choose a resume template. Most word processing programs offer a variety of templates. Opt for a template that complements your personality and career history. Templates have a preset format that enables you to simply fill in the blanks and create a professional looking resume. Choose one that includes space for a clear objective, then list your previous jobs, skills, and education, in that order. Your objective should include your interest in working for an airport, the reasons why and why you would do well in an airport environment.

Research the skills necessary for the job for which you plan to apply. For example, if you are interested in ground support, you must be able to lift heavy objects, so highlight that specific skill. If you are interested in airport food service, you have to be able to prepare food quickly and efficiently for passengers on the go.

Highlight your professional experience. According to Paul Huskey, a former manager of Tullahoma Regional Airport, working at an airport in any capacity involves working with people under a high amount of stress. This means you should highlight your customer service experience, interpersonal relationship skills, problem solving abilities, as well as the ability to think quickly on your feet. If the job you are pursuing involves ground support, highlight your ability to work in any type of weather.

Request at least two letters of recommendation from previous employers, teachers, or mentors. These letters should reference your dependability and work ethic. If you have not had previous relevant experience, these letters may be your ticket to the job you are pursuing. Airports get more applications than most places of employment, so anything that will make you stand out from the crowd is important.

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Gather a copy of your official documentation, resume, professional licenses, application (if required) and letters of recommendation. Hand deliver them to a manager in the field you are pursuing. Most employers now accept applications online only, but there is no harm in calling human resources directly and seeing to whom you could bring additional materials.


Make sure you have a clean background, as it will be heavily investigated.

Once you do get an interview, arrive early, have a professional appearance, be very well prepared, and ask if you can take notes.

Ask questions regarding the position you are applying for.

Whether over the phone or in person, thank the person for taking the time to speak with you.

  • Paul Huskey; Tullahoma Regional Airport; Tullahoma, TN, USA

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