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How to Calculate a Georgia Vendor's Compensation

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Vendors in Georgia are compensated for collecting and remitting sales tax to the state. Vendor compensation is calculated by the amount of tax the vendor has collected for the state. Vendors are responsible for any shortages that may arise when calculating the compensation from the state.

Calculate the amount of tax the vendor has collected for the state of Georgia.

Multiply the total tax collected by 3 percent, or ".03."

Subtract $90 from the total, and multiply the remaining total by .167. The vendor compensation in Georgia only applies to 3 percent of the total tax collected up to $90, which is based on collecting the first $3,000. Anything collected above $3,000 is based on 1/2 of 1 percent, or .005, of the tax collected. This compensation is accrued on a monthly basis.


Georgia vendors receive the compensation only if they send in their tax payments on time.