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What Is the Maximum Amount of Unemployment Benefits in Michigan?

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Losing your job can wreak havoc on your finances. Fortunately, you may qualify for unemployment benefits until you find more work. As of 2014, the state of Michigan offers up to $362 per week in unemployment benefits for qualified individuals.

Determining Base Period

You must meet the minimum income requirements during your employment to receive benefits. Michigan looks at your income during the standard base period, or the first four calendar quarters of the last five quarters before you filed. At a minimum, you must have worked in at least two quarters and earned at least $2,871 in one quarter. Your total income must equal at least 1.5 times the income of the highest earning quarter.

Alternatively, as of 2014, Michigan will grant eligibility if you worked during at least two quarters and your total wages in the base period were at least $17,868.

Calculate Unemployment Benefits

Your weekly unemployment payments equal 4.1 percent of the wages you earned during the highest paid quarter in your base period. As of 2015, you also receive $6 per week for each dependent, up to five.

The minimum unemployment check Michigan pays is 4.1 percent of $2,871, or $117.71 per week.

In Michigan, you can receive unemployment benefits for 14 to 20 weeks. As of 2011, the federal government no longer offers extended payments when your state benefits have been exhausted.

Part-Time Employment

You can still collect unemployment if you are working part-time. Unemployment income is decreased by 40 cents for every dollar earned through employment, if your wages do not exceed your benefit amount. If your wages are up to 1.6 times your benefit amount, your unemployment is calculated by subtracting your wages from your employment income from 1.6 times your unemployment benefit amount. If your wages exceed 1.6 times your benefit amount, you will not receive unemployment benefits.


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