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How to Get Certified to Be an In-Home Care Taker

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Certifications for most in-home caretakers include becoming a Certified Nursing Aide or a Certified Home Health Aide. Programs and requirements vary by state, if you’re giving hands-on care to a senior or person with disabilities or if you’re working with a hospice patient, you will most likely need to be certified. The certification process will vary slightly by program, but in general, you will receive both classroom and practical experience, and you will learn basic medical and safety procedures, such as administering a shot or performing CPR.

Contact your state Department of Social and Health Services to find out what type of certification is required for in-home caretakers. They may also be able to provide you with a list of programs to look into.

Talk with your employer. If are getting certified to be an in-home caretaker for your job, your employer should set you up with a state-approved program to help you get certified.

Contact places that frequently offer programs for the type of certification you need to become an in-home caretaker, including a program to become a Certified Nursing Aide or a Certified Home Health Aide. These places include local community colleges and universities, nursing facilities and hospitals.

Consult online resources to help you find an in-home caretaker certification program if you’re having trouble locating one. For example, you can search for programs in your state through the “Caregiver Training and Education Programs and Schools" page of Caregiver

Find out the cost. Unless your employer is setting you up to get certified, you will have to pay for the program you enter. Generally, the cost can be as little as $500 or up to $2,000.

Complete the certification program. Hours, practical experience and exams will vary by state. However, you will likely be required to complete between 120 and 150 hours of training and to take a state-certified exam before completing the program.