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How to Become an Agent for Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual is one of America's largest insurance companies, offering an array of services and insurance. For personal insurance, Liberty Mutual offers life, auto and home insurance, and personal liability. Business clients can receive group insurance--such as disability, FMLA and life insurance--property and auto insurance, and liability insurance. Agents sell services and insurance, and try to match the customer's needs with Liberty Mutual's services.

Gain experience or education in sales or business management. Understanding liability, and corporate and personal insurance helps you provide clients with the right information and guidance. Liberty Mutual offers jobs to both experienced professionals and students. Your changes of being hired are higher if you have experience or education in the field.

Research Liberty Mutual, which is a Fortune 500 company and the fifth largest property and casualty insurance company in America. A wealth of knowledge exists that you can use to increase your competitiveness in a fierce job market. Read articles, explore the company website, and learn about Liberty Mutual's specific style and products.

Write your cover letter and resume. Be sure to include all related education and experience on your resume. In your cover letter, use the information you gathered earlier to target Liberty Mutual precisely. Show that you're serious about your application, have invested time getting to know the company and that you're the right fit.

Apply online. The Liberty Mutual website offers an online application where you can upload your resume and a cover letter. Provide excellent references. If your sales experience isn't related to insurance sales, highlight your successes rather than the industry. This demonstrates the abilities and traits that make you a good salesperson in any sales job.

Interview with confidence. Reinforce your interest in Liberty Mutual, not just the job. Explain how you can handle the position's responsibilities, and show how well you would fit into the company culture. Follow up any interview with a handwritten letter of thanks to each person who interviewed you.


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