How to Find Out If Someone Is a Licensed Minister?

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The process of becoming an ordained minister in the United States varies from state to state, an important fact to note when checking on a minister's ordination status. Many people become ordained in order to officiate over a marriage ceremony legally. This kind of ordination can be achieved online. Those who choose to practice as an ordained minister of a church or smaller congregation are more likely to become ordained through a local church. To check on the ordination of a minister in either scenario, do your research in your local county and state, as circumstances may differ in other areas.

Ask the individual in question how they came to be ordained, so you can verify that information. Many ordained ministers go through a process at their local church that involves mentoring and leadership responsibilities leading up to their ordination. If this is the case, the individual is likely to be ordained through the denomination to which the church holds, and you can gain more information about it through the leaders of that church.

Check the directory listings for ordained ministers within that denomination. Many large denominations, such as the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, keep a directory of ministers ordained through their organizations.

Check the Universal Life Church directory. This is the most frequently used website that performs online ordinations. It is mostly used by people who have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. The church keeps a directory of ordained ministers.

Contact the marriage commissioner or county clerk of the area where the minister in question dwells. These officials deal with the legal documents that change hands in the process of ordaining a minister, and they will be able to tell you if the individual in question is in fact a licensed minister.


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