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How to Measure Personal Success

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Measuring personal success is not just a matter of examining how much money, fame or power you have. Personal success is marked by signs of emotional growth that manifests itself in various signs and signals. This means that there is not really a standard for how far you have come in life, but rather it is about recognizing how your own personal approach and attitude towards growth in life and work have made you successful.

Examine the amount of influence you have when helping others achieve their goals. Are you able to help others achieve their goals without fear of them becoming more successful then you?

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you look at life with a positive attitude and hope for the future? Are you able to stop blaming others for any downfalls you may have experienced over the years? Can you examine the past and garner what you have learned as experience for the future instead of blaming the past for your lot in life?

Evaluate your ability to take a risk and leap out into the unknown without fear of failing. Being able to understand that failure is actually a stepping stone to all success and then not caring what others think of you for attempting the feat go a long way in discovering yourself and your personal success.

Determine how much your friends, family and coworkers respect you by distinguishing between being respected because of money and fame and being respected because of the amount of trust and honor you have earned.

Record your goals in order to keep track of what you have accomplished over time. Being able to visualize what you have done and what you still need to do can be helpful in determining and evaluating your personal success.