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How to Verify Teacher Certification in Georgia

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Georgia certifies teacher skills through the GACE test, the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators. There are four levels of certification. Student teachers form the lowest level; outstanding professionals with at least five years of classroom experience, are at the top. Qualified out-of-state educators can apply for certification without taking GACE.

Getting Your Certificate

Whether you qualify for a certificate based on GACE or on your out-of-state experience, you have to submit an application to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Once you send in all the paperwork and your state fees, the PSC reviews it and issues you a digital certification. That verifies your qualifications. If you apply for a job, your employer can confirm you're certified by looking you up on the PSC website, either by name or certificate number.

Before You're Hired

Georgia will certify qualified teachers from other states who've been hired by a "local unit of administration" such as a school board. If you aren't working for a Georgia LUA, you can still verify your qualifications. Provided you meet the Georgia certification standards -- professional educator certification in another state, for instance -- you can apply to the PSC for a certificate of eligibility. The certificate of eligibility verifies that if a Georgia school district hires you, the PSC will then certify you.