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What Is a Type 10 Certificate in Teaching Degrees?

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The state of Illinois requires public school teachers to have a certificate or license indicating the type of students they are allowed to teach. As of January 2010, Illinois offers seven types of teaching certificates, including the Type 10 certificate.


Teaching certificates are licenses that allow for individuals to teach in Illinois public schools. The Type 10 certificate allows teachers to work with students in grades K through 12 and also allows for working in special education with children ages birth through 21.


Applicants must complete an Illinois State Board of Education ( ISBE) approved teacher education program. Applicants must pass the Illinois basic skills test, a content test relating to their subject areas and the Assessment of Professional Teaching test. The ISBE will also review your transcripts and conduct a background check prior to issuing a certificate.


Applicants may “split” their certificates to specify a concentration or “endorsement” in a particular secondary field such as art. Splitting the certificate is only available when applying for the initial certificate or once another degree has been conferred.


The “certificate” is the license, while as the “endorsement” allows for teaching a particular subject.

Approved Schools

The ISBE Directory of Approved Programs provides a list of approved colleges and the specific concentrations they offer.


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