How to Become a Home Care Provider

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Many disabled or elderly people find doing daily tasks difficult or impossible. Many of these people need help but do not want to go to a nursing or assisted care facility. Home care providers make it possible for many to stay in their own home and get the care that they need. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that jobs in this field are projected to grow 18 percent in the next wight years. If helping others in their homes appeals to you, consider becoming a home care provider.

Assess your personality. Are you patient and compassionate? Do you enjoy working with the elderly or disabled? It is important that you have the proper personality to work with these types of people in their homes.

Assess your current health and physical strength. You will be on your feet for most of your shift and need to make sure that your health permits this kind of activity. Depending on the health of your patients, you might need to lift them or support them as they move. You need to make sure this is something you can handle before taking on the job.

Begin training for the job. Find a home provider agency and apply. Most agencies offer on-the-job training. They teach you how to provide such personal services as bathing, dressing and grooming for your patients. Depending on the agency, you might provide additional services such as cooking, cleaning or shopping for your clients.

Become a Certified Nurses Aid. Although this is only required for providers who work in nursing facilities, it will increase your chance of finding a job. Certification requires that you complete 75 hours of training, approved by your state. Once the training is complete, you must pass an evaluation. Once certified, you are placed on your state’s Certified Nurses Aid Registry.


Most agencies will want you to have reliable transportation upon hiring.