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How to Become an IR Engineer in Malaysia

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Engineers in Malaysia bear the title Ir., which stands for ingenieur, derived from the Latin words for “to contrive” and “cleverness.” To gain that status in this complex field, you need to complete your education, register as a new engineer, complete three years of professional experience and pass an examination proving you have attained the expertise necessary to handle projects or research independently.

Education Requirements

To become an IR engineer, you first need proper training. The Board of Engineers of Malaysia and the Engineering Accreditation Council of Malaysia provide a list of about 40 sanctioned programs, including ones from the Curtin University of Technology, Multimedia University and Segi University. Formed in 2000, the council has experienced industry professionals evaluate programs to assure they meet set standards. Degrees of other accredited universities can be considered for IR registration. Electrical engineers must meet requirements of one of three scenarios for credits taken in electrical fields and circuits, power electronics, machines and drives, and power systems.

Graduate Engineer

Once you obtain a degree, you can apply to register as a graduate engineer. In 2014, the registration fee was 50 Malaysian ringgits, or about $15.50. You need copies of your national identification card, your degree and your transcript. The online application requires personal information such as your address and telephone number; your academic information, including where and when you went to school; electronic copies of your supporting documents; and a declaration that you are not providing false information. After you fill out the online application, you need to print it out and send it to the board along with certified copies of your records within four weeks of filling out the online form.

Professional Engineer

After three years as a graduate engineer, you can apply to become a professional engineer and earn your IR title. The fee to apply in 2014 was 350 Malaysian ringgits, or about $108.50. You’ll need a recommendation on letterhead verifying your experience, whether you’ve designed bridges, roads or buildings; completed engineering research or taught classes. You’ll also need most of the supporting documentation you needed to become a graduate engineer as well as sketches of your professional work. You need to have lived in Malaysia for at least six months prior to your application.

Professional Examination

Before attaining IR status, you’ll need to pass the Board of Engineers of Malaysia’s professional assessment examination. The test cost 200 Malaysian ringgits, or about $62. You’ll be interviewed to determine your level of expertise and ability to communicate. You’ll write an essay based on a list of topics, one of which must cover professional ethics. You can spend up to 90 minutes on each essay. If you fail, you can appeal the decision within 21 days. To maintain IR status, you need to complete about 50 hours of training a year. You’ll be assessed every three years on whether you’ve kept up with your continuing education, which is required to keep up with new technology and ongoing changes in the industry.


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