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How to Become a Justice of the Peace in Alberta

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To become a Justice of the Peace in Alberta you must have the right experience and education. You start at an entry level position and work your way up through promotion. A Justice of the Peace issues warrants, summons and subpoenas; administers oaths, grants adjournments, and receives affidavits, among other duties.

Obtain a grade 12 education. During this time, gain general office experience. You can do this by getting a job as a receptionist or office assistant in a number of fields. The field isn't important -you can work for a car dealership or at a law office- it's the office experience or clerical work that counts. Keep yourself up to date on word processing programs and learn proper filling and organizational techniques.

Work on your typing skills. To advance within the Court Services Branch of the BC Ministry of the Attorney General, you need a minimum typing speed of 40 words per minute.

Apply to a British Columbia public college or university. Obtain a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Commerce or in Administrative Studies with an emphasis in public sector management. All British Columbia public colleges and universities offer a degree in Business Administration. Online colleges such as Open University have a similar curriculum, but the degree is called Administrative Studies. Both degrees are acceptable and can ultimately be profitable.

Once you have completed three years of your degree, apply for admission to the law program at either the University of British Columbia or the University of Victoria, British Columbia. A law degree isn't necessary for entry level work but it is required to become a Justice of the Peace.

Practice good communication skills. In order to advance within the Court Services Branch of the BC Ministry of the Attorney General, it's essential that you are able to communicate with the public while remaining confident and courteous.

Upon graduation, pply for an entry level position at the Court Services Branch of the BC Ministry of the Attorney General. New employees are almost always assigned to the title of Court Office Assistant II. Before you are eligible for an advance you have to gain experience in the field and on the job training. Try to learn as much as possible from your co-workers.

Finish your studies and obtain your law degree. Now that you have the required education and experience, start applying for promotions.


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