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How to Sell Industrial Products

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Industrial products sales associates usually sell products that factories, manufacturers, the military, airlines or other industries use for parts in their machines, airplanes or vehicles. For example, a motor that runs an assembly line is an industrial product. People who want to sell industrial products will need to get jobs with manufacturers or wholesalers that sell these types of products. However, due to the technical nature of the products, some companies can require job candidates have an engineering education.

Apply for industrial sales positions. Look for jobs online, through the newspaper and by calling executive search firms or employment agencies. Expand your search nationally if you'd consider relocating. Post your resume on high-traffic, job search engines that accept resumes. Use your university's career placement office once you're near graduation.

Participate in product training when you get your industrial sales job. Learn all the features and benefits of the products your sell. Study competitive products in your training, as you'ill need to learn the advantages of your products against key competitors.

Obtain a price list for products you'll sell. Find out what discounts you can offer for multiple item purchases or how much leeway you have in reducing prices to make a sale.

Make a list of common objections you'll face in the field, as overcoming objections is an aspect of sales, according to Practice overcoming these objections with your sales manager.

Create a presentation to use on sales calls. Arrange your sales manual in a way that helps you memorize your presentation. Include pictures of your product, price lists, comparisons of your product against the competition and plenty of application or order forms. Use online presentations during sales calls.

Contact current accounts once you've completed training. Use sources such as the Thomas Register of Manufacturers or contact the Direct Mail Marketing Association to generate leads or new customers for your industrial products. Call various companies within your territory and set up sales appointments with these new businesses. Add these new businesses to your regular sales route.

Call on customers each month or quarter, expanding their volume of business each time. Invite your customers to call you with questions or problems with products like shipping issues.


Take a more consultative role when approaching industrial customers. Learn each company's business, including the problems and challenges it faces against the competition. Present your products like they're solutions to each company's problem. Provide excellent customer service.